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Cuckoo clocks

We are sorry if you have difficulties with one of our Cuckoo Clocks.

If you want to see, how to unpack a cuckoo clock click here.

Some cuckoo clocks have a stop strike device, with which you can stop the cuckoo call and the music play. This level is either on the left side of the clock case or on the bottom. Both levels have to be moved for on- downwards and for off - upwards.

Please do not send the Clock back prior to contacting us.
Maybe your nearest service station can assist you.

Repais Service Stations:

Supplier Service StationsSupplier No.*
EngstlerUSA87 -
HönesUSA / World69 -
SchwabWorld83 -
Schneider & SöhneWorld88 -

* Please Check your receipt from Casagrande:
The first two digits of the product number indicate the supplier (i.e. 88-1135/3)

For further questions do not hesitate to contact us.