Lucerne. The “capital” of Central Switzerland.

At Casagrande, we proudly call Lucerne our home town. The best of Switzerland, united at one place: The City. The Lake. The Mountains.


Source: Luzern Tourismus AG

Lucerne online. Recommended links:

Lucerne 360°: Discover Lucerne from above in 360° views. Simply breathtaking.

Source: Luzern Tourismus AG

Lucerne Webcams: You want to know what Lucerne looks like right now? The best way is to watch this high resolution webcam.

Source: Luzern Tourismus AG Informative plattform for tourists who travel to Lucerne. All the links gathered, that could be of interest when searching for Lucerne.


All about christmas in Lucerne.

Sponsorship / Partnership

Lucerne Tourism Ltd: We are major shareholder of the company which is the centre of competence for positioning, public relations, marketing and guest services. (Source: Lucerne Tourism Ltd)

KKL Luzern: We are proud donor of the KKL Luzern, a landmark of modern architecture and art in Lucerne.